Update: PullOut Widgets v.2.6

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Plugins | 0 comments

New version 2.6 of PullOut Widgets is now available for download at CodeCanyon.

The following changes were made:

  • Fixed: compatibility issue with WP3.5
  • Fixed: cookie wasn’t read correctly.
  • New: POW_OFF setting in pullouts.php – allows to turn off the plugin for mobile devices (phones, tablets or all mobile devices). By default turns off plugin for phones only.

Let me explain how to turn on/off PullOut Widgets on mobile devices:

As mentioned in the changelog, pullout widgets will not be displayed  on mobile phones by default. To change this option, simply edit pullouts.php file. Find definition of POW_OFF at the top of the code – it will look like this:

define('POW_OFF', 'phone');

To turn off for tablets, change it to:

define('POW_OFF', 'tablet');

To turn off for all mobile devices, change it to:

define('POW_OFF', 'mobile');

To display pullout widgets on all device, change it to:

define('POW_OFF', false);

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